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The Bitcoin fundraising of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi: a few insights one year after the start of the crypto donations

One year after the Umberto Veronesi Foundation‘s target initiative, here is a brief and recent account of the fundraiser born in a very particular period.

Chosen as an important opportunity as well as a tool for beneficial participatory democracy, bitcoin and its sister cryptocurrencies were accepted for donations as experimentation, challenge, long-term goal, an innovative impetus toward citizens looking out from urban territory at the prospect of becoming stable crypto donors.

The Foundation’s intent was to create a new channel of access to donations for crypto holders and experimenting companies.

“One year into the project we can say that we are growing as part of the crypto ecosystem along with the know-how regarding blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies in fundraising and scientific research.”

This was stated by Caterina Ferrara, a crypto-expert who has always excelled in emerging technologies and is now a supporter and promoter of the social campaign related to crypto collection at the behest and invitation of the Foundation.

Ferrara continues,

“In the first year of activity we have disseminated, promoted and raised awareness, now we are headed for live events to take a closer look at the initiative together with outstanding guests.”

“I would like to mention that all funds raised go to research and to researchers working on the frontlines of cancers that affect both adults and children, and, most importantly, that a dedicated company or several companies in the crypto sector, or those simply adhering to cryptocurrency donations, can fund one or more research grants.

The techno enthusiasm shown by the Foundation despite the difficult time for theĀ  crypto, given its loss of value, was a strong signal of openness and confidence in the decentralized currency.

The Foundation has renewed its partnership with The Giving Block e, a platform specializing in donations, so those who would like to donate can do so on the UV Foundation website or through the page with the appropriate widget. Donate now!


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