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Futuristic business-art atmosphere awaits you at #NFTSE 2023!



From July 14th to 15th 2023, the Spanish city of Valencia will host the second edition of NFT Show Europe, one of the world leading events on web3, Blockchain, Metaverse, Virtual Reality and Digital Art. An international meeting point for experts to share their insights on the next era of the internet in a futuristic business-art atmosphere.

Designed as a B2B and art exhibition event, the main goal of the organization is to foster international collaboration among participants.

All this surrounded by NFT and digital art galleries, exhibiting world- class artists work with the most advanced technology of the moment. While attendees take home an experience worth keeping, with assets that back it up.

#NFTSE 2023 gathers some of the most influential companies and artists to discuss the latest trends and developments. A major boost for the web 3.0 industry, fostering new partnerships and collaborations, which help to solidify its position as a major meeting point in this world.

Attendes at the NFT Show Europe

Among the contents offered in the conferences we can find important names such as Nicolas Sasson, P1xelfool, Ivona Tau, Studio Yorktown, Piter Pasma, Danielle King, Tim Maxwell, Ana Maria Caballero, among others.

Along with companies like Epic Games, Niantic, Animoca Brands, Unicef, Vogue Business, United Nations, UNICEF, Alpine F1, Hugo Boss, Zepeto, Xceed Renault and Digital Fashion Week

With an international audience from 59 countries and more than 2300 visitors during #NFTSE22, the organization forecasts a major increase, consolidating #NFTSE as the main meeting point for web3 related companies and experts, blockchain innovators, data analysts, investors, early adopters, digital artists and collectors.

Oscar Rico, CEO at NFT Show Europe, claims:

“From our stakeholders’ feedback, more than 85% of them exceeded their expectations in terms of return on investment. We treat every single one of our stakeholders as a person / group of people. We work for our community to boosting their business relationships and opportunities.” 

The venue, the City of Arts and Sciences, is an internationally recognized cultural and architectural complex. Located in the green heart of Valencia, the old Turia riverbed, it is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and one of the 12 treasures of Spain.

Indulge in a leisure experience filled with upscaling opportunities. Explore new opportunities, meet equally passionate professionals, learn about the latest technological developments, create better- decentralized solutions, and drive innovation forward.

Filled with art exhibitions, physical and digital rewards, drinks, meet and greets, workshops, food, music, and passion all around.

Early Birds tickets for #NFTSE 2023 are now live for a limited time.

More about NFT Show Europe #NFTSE

NFT Show Europe is one of the world leading events on web3, Blockchain, Metaverse and Digital Art. An international meeting point for experts to share their insights on the next era of the internet in a futuristic business- art atmosphere.


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Website: https://nftshoweurope.com/