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There is a green light from the government for the acquisition of Voyager by Binance.US

The US government has given the green light to most of the proposed transaction by Voyager and Binance.US, according to a recent court document.

Although a legal battle over some aspects of the $1 billion deal is still ongoing, the latest development indicates that the non-controversial elements of the transaction can be pursued even before the appeal hearing.

Voyager-Binance: US government approves most of the operation

In a development that could have significant implications for the future of cryptocurrency transactions, documents filed in court Wednesday suggest that the substantive parts of the sales agreement between Voyager and Binance.US could move forward even before a legal appeal is processed.

The deal, which involves the purchase of the assets of a bankrupt cryptocurrency lender by Binance.US for $1 billion, has come under intense scrutiny over concerns that the terms of the agreement have violations of tax or securities laws.

According to court documents, the US government has now agreed that most of the transaction can go forward, despite these concerns. 

This could be considered a significant victory for both Voyager and Binance.US, as it allows them to move forward with their plans without the threat of legal action hanging over their heads. 

However, the fear remains that the buyer may still pull out, leaving Voyager in a difficult position.

The fact that the US government has agreed to let the deal proceed is significant in itself. 

It suggests that there may be a willingness to take a more pragmatic approach to cryptocurrency transactions in the future, which could encourage further investment in the sector.

However, it also reminds us that there are still many legal and regulatory hurdles to overcome before cryptocurrencies can truly become mainstream.

One of the main concerns surrounding the Voyager-Binance.US agreement is the potential violation of tax or securities laws. 

The terms of the agreement have been particularly contested: some critics argue that they are too lax and could allow the buyer to get away with illegal activities. 

However, the fact that the US government agreed to authorize the transaction suggests that these concerns may have been overblown.

“The plan and confirmation order contemplate certain settlements and other measures, including distribution to account holders of debtors…the parties agree that these settlements can go forward while this appeal is discussed and resolved.”

reads the document, which is signed by a US Attorney and a US Trustee — a Justice Department official who handles bankruptcy matters — as well as attorneys for Voyager and its creditors, but has not yet been approved by Judge Jennifer Rearden.

Concerns about the acquisition

Nevertheless, there is still a risk that the buyer could pull out of the deal, leaving Voyager in a difficult position.

If this were to happen, it would be a significant blow to the cryptocurrency industry, which is still struggling to gain widespread acceptance. 

It would also highlight the fact that there are still many uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrency transactions and that investors need to be aware of the risks before getting involved.

The fact that the US government has agreed to allow the sale of Voyager-Binance.US is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry. 

However, it also underscores the fact that there are still many legal and regulatory hurdles to overcome and that investors need to be aware of the risks before getting involved in cryptocurrency transactions.

This development is good news for both Voyager Digital and Binance.US, as it indicates that they can proceed with some aspects of the transaction without waiting for the outcome of the legal battle. 

However, it is important to note that the SEC’s concerns about the proposed acquisition have not been fully addressed and the final outcome of the legal battle remains uncertain.

The Voyager-Binance.US deal is just one example of the increasing regulatory scrutiny facing the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. 

In recent years, the SEC has taken a more aggressive stance against companies operating in the cryptocurrency space, particularly those involved in initial coin offerings (ICOs) and token sales. 

The regulator has argued that many of these offerings are actually securities and therefore subject to federal securities laws.

The regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies in the United States can be complex and challenging for companies operating in the sector. 

Whilst some jurisdictions, such as Wyoming and Miami, have taken a more cryptocurrency-friendly approach, others have been less welcoming. This fragmented regulatory environment can create uncertainty and make it difficult for companies to navigate the regulatory landscape.

However, for this growth to continue, it will be important for regulators and industry players to work together to create a more stable and predictable regulatory environment.