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Latest news about the cryptos Tron (TRX), Dia (DIA) and DeRace (DERC)

What’s the latest news on the crypto Tron (TRX), Dia (DIA) and DeRace (DERC)? Here is the article dedicated to the price performance and progress of the three projects. 

Tron (TRX), Dia (DIA) and DeRace (DERC): the evolution of crypto prices in 2023

Analyzing the prices of the three cryptos Tron (TRX), Dia (DIA) and DeRace (DERC), it is easy to see that they have all followed a bullish trend, albeit in different ways. 

Specifically, Tron (TRX), the most famous crypto of the three, created by Justin Sun, has risen to 13th place in terms of total market capitalization, and even stated today that it intends to re-enter the top 10.

And indeed, TRX’s price on New Year’s Eve 2023 was $0.054, while at the time of writing it is worth $0.063

Looking at the chart, TRX experienced a spike in late February that took the price above $0.07, and a collapse around March 11 that brought it down to $0.05. Otherwise, TRX has been trading just above $0.06 since the beginning of the year. 

Dia (DIA), on the other hand, started 2023 at $0.25. At the time of writing, DIA is worth $0.29

A small price pump that confirms its slow bullish trend this year. Not only that, but on February 21, DIA had recorded a spike that pushed the price up to $0.44. 

Speaking instead of DeRace (DERC), its trend has been a bullish run for the first month of 2023, only to see a slow decline in price that still remains higher than New Year’s Eve. 

In fact, DERC was worth $0.13 at the beginning of the year, while by February 2nd it had jumped to $0.35. Soon after, the price of DERC began to fall and is worth $0.19 at the time of this writing.

Tron (TRX): the latest news about the project. 

The latest news regarding Tron and its founder Justin Sun seems to be the promoted quote issued by the US. Security and Exchange Commission (or SEC) for allegedly offering and selling TRX tokens as an unregistered security. 

Basically, in April, a U.S. court issued a summons to the Singapore address of Tron founder Justin Sun in connection with a civil action brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Sun was ordered to respond to the summons within 21 days by contacting SEC attorney Adam Gottlieb.

If the Tron founder fails to respond, a “default judgment” will be issued, suggesting the imposition of penalties related to alleged securities law violations.

At the same time, Binance.US announced that as of April 18th, Tron (TRX) has been delisted from the U.S. platform, as it does not meet the high standards of the crypto exchange. 

In all this, Sun shows on Twitter its interest in Hong Kong over Singapore as a base for Web3 professionals. 

“With the rising cost of living in Singapore, Hong Kong is becoming an attractive destination for Web3 professionals due to its supportive policies and commitment to embrace emerging technologies.”

Dia (DIA) and DeRace (DERC): Analysis of the two crypto projects

Regarding DIA and DERC, here is the latest news from the two crypto projects. Last week, the Dia crypto project announced its integration into the Polygon zkEVM mainnet with a series of tweets.

In practice, developers who want to use Polygon’s zkEVM to build their dApps will be able to integrate the DIA oracle suite, which provides data such as price feeds for more than 3,000 tokens and more than 18,000 NFT collections, or access to distributed, verifiable random number generators (RNGs). 

This allows developers to create more diverse use cases for DeFi and NFT

DeRace’s crypto project (DERC), on the other hand, has been working on its own update. In their latest tweet, they wrote the following:

In practice, the project would also work to improve the game experience according to feedback received from the community.

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