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News and price analysis of the cryptos Ecoterra, Casper (CSPR) and Terra (LUNA)

In this article we look at the latest news and a price analysis for the crypto Ecoterra, Casper (CSPR) and Terra (LUNA).

How are these projects moving graphically and what are the most important news to report?

All the information below.

Latest news for the cryptos Ecoterra, Casper (CSPR) and Terra (LUNA)

Starting with the most relevant news of the last week for these 3 cryptos, we can immediately point out the presentation of a new governance proposal for Terra (LUNA) by the user “PFC” within the dedicated section for community decisions.

The proposal consists of integrating the services of Confio, one of the main development teams in the Cosmos ecosystem, to build and securely maintain Terra’s smart contracts

The cost of this work is $60,000 per month, which represents 20 percent of Confio’s monthly expenses.

Currently, 91.85 percent of the proposal voters have confirmed that they want to continue the collaboration, but it still needs to be confirmed before proceeding on the operational side.

Turning instead to Casper, the decentralized platform for building smart contracts, the news involves the announcement of a new software release for the “Casper Signer” wallet.

Users will need to migrate by rehabilitating the browser extension in order to continue using the non-custodial wallet.

This is a small step forward in building a thriving ecosystem in Casper that stakes its entire future on tokenization models, blockchain property rights, a decentralized economy for content creators, and a new financial standard based on on-chain activity.(ACTUS).

Finally, regarding Ecoterra, the most important news falls within the project’s utility token launch plan, in which more than $2.8 million has been raised.

Anyone can decide to fund the future “recycle 2 earn” platform and receive tokens at a discount to the price of listing on the markets.

A total of five crowdfunding rounds have already taken place, the last of which is still ongoing, and there will be a total of four more rounds until the $6.7 million is reached.

It is not certain that it will go all the way to the last round, but Ecoterra is well on its way to funding its business.

Price analysis of the cryptos Ecoterra, Casper (CSPR) and Terra (LUNA)

Instead, it is now time to take the charts in hand and analyze the price situation of the 3 cryptos Ecoterra, Casper (CSPR) and Terra (LUNA).

First of all, it should be noted that there is no connection between Ecoterra and Terra: they are different projects with different purposes and technological backgrounds.

Starting with the analysis of Casper (CSPR), we can immediately see how the price is about to break out after the last 3 weeks of positive movements for the token.

CSPR currently quotes $0.06 per token, with a market cap of $662 million and an average volume of $14 million in the last 24 hours.

The medium-term situation looks bullish for CSPR, however, in the short-term it faces the risk of a bearish divergence (daily time frame) on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator between the levels recorded in January 2023 and the current levels. 

In fact, if the RSI marks values above 70 basis points in both cases, there is no equilibrium on the price front.

grafico prezzo crypto casper
Daily Price Chart of CasperLabs (CSPR/USDT)

Speaking of LUNA, however, the situation is rather dull, with prices going through a long distribution phase after the pump recorded in September 2022.

There does not seem to be any major stimulus to revive the token and the interest of financial players, who these days are more focused on the launch of SUI and the strong trends that are in place, such as Memecoins and BRC-20 tokens.

Currently, LUNA has a price of $1.22 per coin, a market capitalization of $324 million, and an average trading volume of $24.5 million over the last 24 hours.

grafico prezzo crypto luna
Daily Luna on Price Chart (LUNA/USDT)

There is no news on the chart side for Ecoterra as the cryptocurrency has not been launched yet and is currently in the pre-sale phase.

The only detail we know is Ecoterra’s initial listing price and maximum supply. 

From this information, we can derive the fully diluted market capitalization and the circulating market capitalization, taking into account all the tokens that are and will be sold in the pre-sale.

Since the expected IPO price is $0.01 and the total supply is 2 billion tokens, we can infer that the fully diluted market cap at launch will be $20 million, while the circulating market cap (assuming 50% of the supply is sold in the full presale) will be $10 million.

All in all, a fair figure for a small project like this. However, given the large number of crowdfunding rounds and the fact that the token has no utility other than being sold for rewards, expect a strong dump at the time of listing.

tokenomics ecoterra

Ecoterra: a project to help the environment

Beyond the tokenomics of the token, which certainly does not satisfy the most witty and profit-seeking traders, the Ecoterra project seems very interesting given its “Recycle 2 Earn” nature.

Ecoterra aims to become a blockchain ecosystem that can generate rewards for users fighting for environmental sustainability and climate change.

The purpose of the project is twofold: to empower companies and individuals who perform valuable recycling work by rewarding them with economic incentives, and to spread awareness of the need to raise awareness of environmental problems for the globe.

The way the incentive system works is very simple: users of the app can earn Ecoterra tokens by recycling waste through “Reverse vending machines” (RVMs), or machines that sort waste according to its material.

Each time a user uses an RVM, they receive a receipt with a barcode that, when scanned through the Ecoterra app, allows them to receive a certain number of free tokens.

The ratio of tokens to recycled goods is still unclear, but it still seems like a great initiative to reward healthy activities for the planet through an incentive system on the blockchain.

As the years go by, there will be more and more types of projects like this, given the criticality of the climate and environmental factor, and given the popularity that these systems are gaining.Usually, when there is an economic interest factor for the average user, the latter tends to perform actions that they would not have performed without incentives.

Just think about the trend of all the “move2earn“, “learn2earn” or “play2earn” applications that drive large numbers of individuals to do anything to earn some cryptocurrency for free. 

However, in order to be successful in the long run, these platforms need to create value for the token being “given away” so that the business is profitable and attractive not only in the first few months after launch, but also for years to come.

Otherwise, we will be faced with yet another platform that rewards the community with trivial and laughable numbers until we reach the point where the service is inevitably abandoned by most stakeholders.

ecoterra system
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