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Bitpanda: crypto-exchange launches Bitpanda.ai dedicated to artificial intelligence

Bitpanda, the Austrian crypto-exchange, announces a $10 million investment to launch Bitpanda.ai, its new division related to Artificial Intelligence. 

Bitpanda: crypto-exchange launches Artificial Intelligence-related division

It’s called Bitpanda.ai, the new Artificial Intelligence-related division launched by Vienna-based European crypto-exchange Bitpanda

The company announced a $10 million investment to establish this new AI division, which will simplify investments on its platform. 

Indeed, with a customizable “wealth manager” based on artificial intelligence, Bitpanda aims to use the technology of the moment to support its users, creating wealth for all through financial freedom.

In this regard, Eric Demuth, co-CEO and founder of Bitpanda said:

“Historically, only already wealthy people could afford to invest, but the emergence of fintechs like Bitpanda has made investing accessible to everyone, thanks to blockchain technology. Artificial intelligence technology can reshape finance for users.

Today, personal wealth managers are only for the rich, but we want to make them accessible to everyone, with an AI-driven system that is fully personalized and accessible 24/7 from mobile.”  

Bitpanda: the crypto-exchange with section dedicated to Artificial Intelligence 

The crypto-exchange’s new AI-dedicated division, Bitpanda.ai, will focus on creating and delivering multiple cutting-edge AI-based products and investment features

According to proposals unveiled today, Bitpanda’s new product range includes several products, including: personalized investment ideas, automated portfolio strategies, real-time market analysis, and a fully personalized experience

The AI-driven “wealth coach” will be a powerful tool in the Bitpanda ecosystem that uses the latest artificial intelligence and automation technologies to revolutionize the investment journey for users. 

The European crypto-exchange defines itself as a user-friendly platform for exchanging everything, enabling both novice and experienced investors to invest in the cryptocurrencies, crypto indexes, stocks, precious metals and commodities they want, 24/7. 

With 700 team members and more than 4 million users, Bitpanda is one of the most successful fintechs in Europe.

Partnering with Blockpit to offer discounted licenses and expert tax advice

These days, Bitpanda also announced its partnership with Blockpit to offer its users the opportunity to purchase discounted licenses and receive tax advice from crypto experts

Basically, Blockpit will be able to help Bitpanda users understand how to save on cryptocurrency-related taxes. Simply purchase a license of Blockpit to benefit from its help to:

  • know in advance the gains, losses, taxable income;
  • automatically benefit from valuation methods that comply with best practices and the law;
  • tax optimization in compliance with legal regulations. 

Collaborations with entities that facilitate the tax aspect related to crypto are gaining momentum. Recently, in fact, Revolut‘s financial app also entered into its first collaboration with Koinly, precisely to support its clients in managing their cryptocurrency tax reporting obligations. 

Through the reports generated by Koinly, Revolut will be able to offer a service that simplifies and makes everything tax-related less stressful for its users.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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