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Mantle (MNT) and Filecoin Prices in Decline, Analyst Anticipates 5000% Leap for Tradecurve in 2023


Amid the ebb and flow of the crypto market, Mantle (MNT) and Filecoin (FIL) are facing a downturn. Meanwhile, Tradecurve (TCRV), currently in its presale phase, is stealing the spotlight. With a leading analyst predicting a monumental 5,000% surge for Tradecurve by 2023, this emergent crypto token has become a compelling watch. Let’s dive deeper.

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Tradecurve Primed for 5,000% Pump While Mantle and Filecoin Are at a Downturn

The platforms Mantle and Filecoin are seeing price drops as the new Tradecurve (TCRV) is looking up. Tradecurve, the innovative hybrid exchange, has recently completed the fourth phase of its presale, successfully selling over 100 million TCRV tokens at a price of $0.018 per token. TCRV has now risen to $0.025, but this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Tradecurve is revolutionizing the trading industry by creating a platform where everyone, regardless of their experience or location, has the opportunity to trade multiple asset classes from a single account.

All it requires to get started is an email address and a DeFi wallet. It allows users to trade multiple assets effortlessly. KYC procedures are completely avoided, so users can trade without giving up their personal information or undergoing tedious procedures.

Moreover, Tradecurve is designed with a suite of sophisticated features that enhance the user experience and increase profit opportunities. This includes the use of AI-powered tools for automated trading, allowing users to leverage machine learning algorithms to optimize their trading strategies.

Tradecurve’s native token, TCRV, is not only a medium of exchange within the platform but also provides access to several benefits, including discounted trading fees and additional bonuses. As such, the value and utility of TCRV are expected to increase in line with the platform’s growth and user adoption.

Analysts predict that with the full launch of the platform and listing on major exchanges, TCRV could grow by 5,000% before 2024. This is a bullish prediction, but it’s one that reflects the potential of Tradecurve and its revolutionary trading platform.

Long-term Outlook for Mantle (MNT) Amidst the Decline

Mantle (MNT), an Ethereum layer-two chain, recently made its debut with the launch of its mainnet alpha. Developed by BitDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) helmed by Bybit, Mantle (MNT) aspires to emerge as a pivotal scaling solution for the Ethereum ecosystem.

One of Mantle (MNT)’s most distinguishing features is its modular design. This adaptable attribute allows Mantle (MNT) to modify itself to cater to evolving user and developer needs. The crypto community was impressed. It fueled a surge in the Mantle (MNT) price to $6.00 and the market cap to $1.73 billion.

However, the price of Mantle (MNT) has since dropped to $0.51 after mass profit-taking and selling pressure. This translates to a 12.61% weekly drop and makes Mantle (MNT) the 2nd worst-performing cryptocurrency in the top 100 projects.

Filecoin’s (FIL) Efforts to Overcome the Downtrend

Filecoin (FIL) is a decentralized storage network and digital currency. It enables its users to store data securely on a distributed file system. The platform Filecoin (FIL) was created by Protocol Labs. It launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) that raised over $200 million.

Filecoin quickly pumped to a price of over $186 on the back of strong demand and hype. However, just like with Mantle (MNT), the price of Filecoin has since retraced significantly and fallen to $4.38 — a 98.17% drop from its all-time high.

This Filecoin fall can be attributed to a lack of development progress and a shift in investor sentiment. Moreover, Filecoin storage providers are experiencing glitches that are decreasing revenues and user morale.

Some analysts are now predicting that barring any major catalyst might reverse this trend. Filecoin could tumble to as low as $3.00 in the coming weeks. The $5.00 price point will act as critical resistance that will first need to be breached for any meaningful Filecoin recovery.

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