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BLUE NOTE MILANO: CELEBRITIES AND INNOVATION The New Orleans Jazz Band of Woody Allen and Technologies Enabled by Web 3.0

The arrival of Woody Allen at the Blue Note in Milan was the most anticipated event of the first week of programming. After the sold-out first concert, it’s happening again tonight, on Thursday, September 7th: the jazz club’s venue will once again be filled with an eager audience ready to listen to the Oscar-winning artist accompanied by his New Orleans Jazz Band.

This unique event prompted Blue Note Milano to offer something equally unique to commemorate the attendees, thanks to two innovative technologies, Luxochain and GetPica: a Special Event Collectible in NFT POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) format, which the present audience was able to – and will be able to again tonight – take home with a simple selfie, to say, “I was there,” as a memento of one of the most memorable concerts presented by the Milanese jazz club.

This innovative new technology was developed thanks to Luxochain, a pioneer in blockchain technology that provides Web 3.0 solutions for luxury brands and more, and GetPica, a technological platform capable of delivering photos in real-time in which participants appear directly to their smartphones thanks to advanced AI-based processing and facial recognition.

Once logged into the platform, the audience was able to redeem their “Collectible,” the digital counterpart of their admission ticket, minted on the blockchain: a non-fungible cryptographic element that represents one of the first experiments in Italy in the world of events and entertainment. They then received, directly on their smartphones, the photos in which they appeared, taken by a professional photographer, creating a package of digital memories.

This Special Event Collectible sets a new global record for the entertainment world, marking the first-ever distribution, reserved exclusively for concertgoers, of a unique form of digital collectible.

“It is a true honor for us to host Oscar-winning Woody Allen for two nights,”

says Andrea De Micheli, President and CEO of Casta Diva Group, the company that owns Blue Note Milano.

Naturally, there has been great anticipation for this special event, both on our part and on the part of the audience: experiences like these are not easily forgotten, so why not create something more tangible to remember them by? Starting from this premise, we decided to create a Special Event Collectible and a personalized gallery of images to give to all the spectators: an initiative as simple as it is impactful, which was immediately appreciated. Special thanks to Davide Baldi and Manolo Martini for bringing our projects to life,”

De Micheli concludes.

“We are very proud of this initiative with Casta Diva and Blue Note Milano,”

comments Davide Baldi, CEO of Luxochain.

We believe that technology should serve companies to continually improve their relationship and interaction with the customer. This is a first application case of Collectibles in a new sector, that of events, where notarized Collectibles on the blockchain are used to create a Loyalty program aimed at customers. From our privileged observation point, we can anticipate that this model is becoming increasingly present within large international groups, and soon the “Digital Product Passport” and “Customer Collectible Management,” as we define them, will be fundamental processes that every company will have to confront,”

Baldi concludes.

“Every event contains a magic within it, it gives emotions, it feeds on them,”

are the words of Manolo Martini, CEO of Pica Group SpA – getpica.com.

“At the end of an event, what remains in the spectator is an intimate and private memory that more and more often people want to collect and share. GetPica offers an elegant, private, and immediate experience to the participant of an event, allowing them to receive on their smartphone the photos taken by professional photographers present, thus giving them an indelible memory of that event, private and at the same time immediately shareable for those who desire it. For the organizer, it allows them to pamper their guests and maximize User Generated content through high-quality content that maximizes the event or brand promoter. GetPica is establishing itself internationally as the most beloved content-sharing platform by top brands,”

Martini concludes.

BLUE NOTE MILANO, a jazz club opened in 2003, spans an area of 1000 square meters across 3 different levels. The atmosphere is that of an elegant jazz club, and from every position in the audience and the balcony, spectators can listen to performances by internationally renowned artists with the highest acoustic quality. The venue’s structure and size allow everyone to fully enjoy the concert.

In line with the tradition inherited from the legendary Greenwich Village club, an evening at the Blue Note is also an opportunity to savor the combination of music and food. Service takes place in the same concert hall and offers a simple yet refined cuisine, a wide selection of Italian and French wines, over 200 cocktails and spirits from the bar, and that special atmosphere that can only be found in a jazz club. Radio Monte Carlo is the official radio station of Blue Note Milano, and once a week, Nick the Nightfly, a legendary musician and radio host, hosts his Monte Carlo Nights show starting at 10:00 PM from a dedicated station within the Milanese jazz club.

About Luxochain

Luxochain is a Swiss company, based in Lugano, with world-class expertise in leveraging blockchain technology and product certification. Our mission is to deliver sustainability, reputation, and authenticity into the luxury market and ensure ownership of real products, creating unique certificates of authenticity and ownership combined with each product. Luxochain aims to increase brand awareness and fight the counterfeiting market. Luxochain registers goods’ ownership transfers, the customer receives a certificate of digital property, as if it were the passport of the product itself, with a guarantee of non-repeatability. Luxochain offers a service to end-users, protecting them in the purchase of their products. At the same time, it works alongside the luxury brands, providing them with a transparency and loyalty system, as well as for analytics and insights towards their customers.

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