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Coinbase’s Base Project Soars,’s $DOMI Set to Follow?


Coinbase’s recently-launched Base project is an Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) chain that offers a safe, low-cost, developer-friendly way to build on-chain applications. Base is built on Optimism’s OP Stack, making it one of the most secure, scalable EVM L2s in the ecosystem today.

According to data from Dune Analytics, Base recorded a 30% increase in daily users, exceeding 100,000 a day following its official launch. This very warm reception so far by the crypto community sets a prescient stage for other highly innovative blockchain projects, a space where Domini ($DOMI) is already drawing attention.


Domini ($DOMI)

Domini is making a strong case for investment by bridging the gap between traditional art investments and the blockchain space. It has effortlessly managed to democratize high-end blue-chip art ownership by offering fractional investments. Forget about the traditional barriers that have kept most of us away from owning a piece of an iconic artwork; with $DOMI, even smaller investors can engage in the excitement of art ownership.

Let’s talk numbers. Domini‘s presale is currently in the Beta stage, where 1 $DOMI is priced at 0.0021 USD. Impressively, it has already sold over 14.7 million $DOMI, roughly making up 42% of the tokens available at this stage of the presale. With 20.2 million $DOMI remaining before the price ascends to 0.002625 USD in the next stage, the rush to bag what is turning out to be one of the best altcoins to invest in is palpable.

Art is no mere decoration; it’s a diversification tool for investors. Historically, art investments have yielded an average return of 7.6%, and by offering expert guidance, Domini Advisory makes art investment as streamlined as cryptocurrency trading for beginners. By owning $DOMI, investors not only gain exposure to a unique asset class but also hold a token backed by real-world art, securely stored in insured vaults. Thus, Domini serves as an elegant blend of popular NFTs with real-world assets, ensuring the best of both worlds: tangibility and liquidity.

Moreover, Domini doesn’t just offer the thrill of art ownership; it also adds a layer of community engagement often missing in traditional art investments. The platform plans to introduce voting mechanisms, allowing $DOMI token holders to have a say in which artworks should be tokenized next, effectively turning the process into a collective decision-making experience.

This feature not only democratizes the financial aspects but also the curatorial aspects of art investment. It allows investors to feel more connected to their holdings and to the art world at large, infusing a sense of communal ownership and mutual appreciation for the art that their tokens represent. With Domini, art investment becomes not just a financial endeavor, but a social and cultural one as well.

Base by Coinbase

Base is backed by Coinbase, which gives it access to a large user base and a deep pool of expertise. This will help to accelerate the adoption of Base and make it a more attractive platform for developers.

Base can significantly reduce the cost of transactions on Ethereum, making it more affordable for users to interact with DApps. Its developer-friendly features and access to Coinbase’s user base and resources make it a highly attractive new platform for Blockchain developers.

Coinbase has not yet announced any plans to issue a $BASE token. However, the company has said that it is committed to making Base an open source public utility that welcomes community participation.


While Coinbase’s Base has set a high bar for other blockchain projects to follow, Domini offers an equally promising trajectory. With art investment serving as its backbone, and blockchain ensuring transparency and liquidity, $DOMI has the potential to revolutionize not just how we view art, but also how we engage in investments.

As an ERC-20 token, it brings in the security and scalability of the Ethereum network, and by standing at the intersection of art and technology, Domini provides a unique value proposition that could potentially give other top altcoins a run for their money. Therefore, investors who are ready to diversify their portfolio in a truly avant-garde manner would be wise to keep a close eye on $DOMI.

Learn more about $DOMI here:

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