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Metaverse OVER: the map2earn is officially active for selected users.

The OVER metaverse is in the midst of its campaign to incentivize the “Map the World” in 3D initiative, activating map2earn for its candidates. The selected users will now be able to earn OVR tokens by mapping specific areas scattered around the world.  

Metaverse OVER and the activation of map2earn: how to earn OVR tokens

The OVER metaverse is said to be ready for the incentivization phase of its Map the World campaign in 3D. Selected users can now activate map2earn and start earning OVR tokens by mapping specific areas of the world. 

“Map2Earn is officially live! 100%. Follow @OVRlist for the announcement of the winners! Did you miss out? If you missed the pre-launch phase, see the post below.”

The chosen ones of the campaign have been notified on X through the @ovrlist account, and they are currently receiving the notification on the OVER app about the activation of map2earn.

In the description on the official blog of Over The Reality, the metaverse reveals the main features of the mapping that will allow earning OVR tokens.

And in fact, there are essentially two types of places that are clearly indicated on the map of map2earn: the OVRLands which are owned by the OVER community and other significant places, including those with landmarks, found on Open Street Map.

Not only that, but also the four different methods of earning are described:

  • Direct payments based on the value of the mapped location, which only apply to owned OVRLands;
  • Extraction of important prizes: the more maps are created, the more registrations are sent to potentially participate in 100,000 OVR token dollars. Winners are randomly selected through Chainlink
  • Monthly Extraction: a continuation of the current Mapper Challenge, with winners randomly selected through Chainlink.
  • Treasure Hunt: by checking their completed maps, users can find hidden bonuses randomly distributed.

Metaverse OVER and the vision: creating the world’s largest 3D recreation based on Web3

While at the moment the map2earn (map to earn) has been officially launched, the co-founder and COO of the OVER metaverse, Diego Di Tommaso, describes what the long-term vision is:

“Our long-term vision is to create the world’s largest 3D recreation based on Web3. Think of Google Maps, but as digital twins enabled with AR and created by the community.”

Not only that, recently, the OVER app has been updated to version 1.5.1. The most significant addition has been the map2earn section. 

In general, Over The Reality (OVER) is an AR metaverse platform designed to merge physical and virtual worlds. Built on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain, the metaverse has its own utility token OVR.

OVR is therefore used both to reward users who contribute to the OVER ecosystem, and for content creation, participation in events, and transaction verification. 

Not by chance, the OVER ecosystem also allows the creation of dApps such as games, social media, commerce. 

The price of the OVR token

As just mentioned, what users earn with map2earn are the tokens of the metaverse: OVR. But what is its price?

At the time of writing, OVR is worth $0.33 and is up +27% from last month and +13% in the last 7 days. Its market cap is $6.8 million. 

Looking at the annual chart, then, OVR reached $0.61 in May 2023, recording a +110% increase in one week.

In that period, Apple had revealed to be ready to launch its VR/AR headset and probably the news would have raised the price of all tokens related to the metaverse. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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