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$HBAR, $GFOX, and The Graph Biggest Winners as Market Sees Red


The market for cryptocurrencies went through a month of rapid growth, but recently sentiment has cooled considerably, with only three of the top ten non-stablecoins seeing gains. Although this sounds like a slowdown, investors are still highly bullish, which suggests that the trend could continue to rise, especially since the Bitcoin halving is just around the corner. 

Why are these three projects the best altcoins to buy right now?  Let’s analyze their performances and indicate their secret of success.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)

Galaxy Fox has generated significant hype in the meme/GameFi ecosystems, and is nearing the end of its presale event. The project has sold over 2.7 billion tokens, raising over $3.6 million. This huge demand shows that crypto investors are serious about getting in on what may be the next big thing in GameFi and memecoins, especially those with NFT functionality and P2E rewards.

As of this writing, the $GFOX presale price is $0.002178, with $0.002376 being the following price tier. Currently, the project is on stage 8 out of a total of ten.

This new ERC20 coin combines the fast-growing meme coin market with the principles of play-to-earn tokenomics in an effort to attract early adopters and provide them with a variety of ways to make money. In accordance with its whitepaper, Galaxy Fox holders have a variety of options for earning returns, including staking incentives, P2E gaming, NFT sales, and more.

Participating in Galaxy Fox also gives you access to the NFT ecosystem’s advantages since it uses NFTs. As part of the presale, Galaxy Fox will make 3,000 NFTs accessible for minting on their website. After that, investors have another avenue for possible profits: trading these assets on OpenSea.

In addition, the Galaxy Fox Stargate Fund will get 2% of all GFOX transactions that will later be distributed to stakes as a reward for their commitment.

Hedera Hashgraph ($HBAR)

The Hedera Hashgraph cryptocurrency network, which is changing the game with its innovative approach to transactions and applications, has had an incredible 48% rise in value in the last month, according to data from CoinMarketCap. A lot of people are betting on this spike going all the way to $1 in 2024.

Many technical indications point to positive momentum. The well-known crypto market expert Crypto Troll (NOT!) has lately brought attention to the positive indicators surrounding $HBAR. Trading volumes for $HBAR have increased by a whopping 1000% in the last three days, he said, suggesting a significant uptick in investor interest, which naturally indicates a positive future trend for the crypto.

The Graph ($GRT)

Among the best altcoins to buy today is $GRT. After spending the first two weeks of the month in a tight range of $0.1495 to $0.1764, the graph price saw a positive turnaround, sending the $GRT token’s worth soaring by more than 90%. It may also be a coin to consider for the next bull run since its value has grown by more than 68% this year.

The market capitalization of the Graph is $2.7 billion, and its price is $0.29 right now. It is anticipated that the price will challenge its upper resistance level of $0.350 this week, suggesting a possible 17% spike, with a circulating supply of 9,417,231,497 $GRT tokens.

A rising green histogram on the MACD indicates that the coin’s price is going up in the market. On top of that, there is a bullish convergence of the averages, which means the price is going to keep going up.


With the Bitcoin halving nearly upon us, the market is likely to soon enter a parabolic period of growth and price action. And the best course of action during the next stage is to cash in on low-cap cryptocurrency gems, as these are the best altcoins to buy due to their potential for development and ROI. Galaxy Fox has already seen a 300% increase to date, which is expected to grow more intensively as the halving dates approach and retail launch occurs. So get onboard now and strap in, because this ship is likely headed for the moon at warp speed. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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