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Who sleeps doesn’t catch airdrop: check eligibility for Omni Network and earn points for the launch of deBridge crypto

This week has been full of surprises on the crypto airdrop front.

Several projects are about to enter the cryptographic space while others are preparing to distribute their tokens to their respective communities.

One of these, Omni Network, has just revealed the launch of the “genesis airdrop” of the OMNI token, dedicated to all early adopters of the platform and the Ethereum staker/restaker ecosystem, with the claim date still to be announced.

Meanwhile, other infrastructures, such as the interoperability protocol deBridge, are offering the opportunity to farm “airdrop points” that will be essential to redeem rewards in the coming months.

Below is everything you absolutely need to know. 

Omni Network launches an airdrop dedicated to its community and Ethereum stakers: check if you are eligible

Omni Network, a platform designed to integrate Ethereum rollups around a single decentralized infrastructure, has recently announced the OMNI crypto airdrop.

The project, which aims to offer universal access to compressed liquidity around the layer-2 to solve the fragmentation problem, has revealed its plans by announcing a launch in the near future.

A wide range of users will be rewarded, who in one way or another have contributed to the growth of this cryptographic reality.

The same OMNI crypto, was also added on Friday, April 12th to Binance’s launchpool, anticipating a listing that will most likely take place on Wednesday, April 17th.

According to what was published in their blog post, the Omni Foundation has developed the OMNI token as ERC-20 with a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, of which 3,000,000 (3% of the total) are allocated for the airdrop.

Lucky users who have been selected as eligible will have 45 days to claim the OMNI crypto as soon as the official redemption date for rewards is announced.

All unclaimed tokens after 45 days will be returned to the Foundation and will be used for future community initiatives.

The snapshot was taken on April 3, 2024, and it is already possible to check your eligibility for the airdrop by going to this website and entering your EVM address (no need to connect the wallet).

There are several categories of eligible users for the airdrop.

First of all, we find the early users who have used the testnet of Omni Network in recent months, and participated in the social campaigns of Galxe OAT.

Immediately after shines the presence of Ethereum solo stakers (min. 32 ETH stake) and part of the community of restakers of EigenLayer, especially those who rank in the top 10,000 stakers.

According to data from Dune Analytics, to qualify for this category you need to have farmed at least 15,515 Restaked Points as of today.

However, there is still the possibility that individual liquid restaking protocols may distribute their respective airdrop allocations received thanks to the capital of their users of their own free will.

Finally, among the eligible subjects we see a series of holders of NFTs, such as Milady Maker, Redacted Remilio Babies, Pudgy Penguin and Ninja, in addition to 25 strategic protocols that will have a special allocation.

Below is an infographic that illustrates the respective allocations for each category.

omni crypto airdrop

We remind you that Omni Network has recently become the first AVS (Actively Validated Service) to have enabled the commitment of 1 billion dollars in Ethereum restaking through the main protocols in the sector.

Soon the infrastructure that integrates the chain’s rollups could be added as an AVS within EigenLayer’s mainnet.

deBridge Finance: how to qualify for the crypto airdrop of the cross-chain interoperability protocol

Now moving on to the ultra-fast cross-chain interoperability protocol of deBridge Finance, we see that an interesting airdrop campaign is currently underway at points which will end in about 2 months.

deBridge is a little-known platform, with a TVL of just 5.4 million dollars, but it could prove to be particularly lucrative as it recently raised 5.5 million dollars from VC such as Animoca Brand and ParaFi Capital.

Participating in the crypto airdrop is very simple: all you have to do is complete as many cross-chain bridges as possible and accumulate points that will then be converted into tokens at the TGE (token generation event).

Before we start, we remind you that deBridge supports networks such as Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Solana, Linea, Optimism, Base, and Neon, and operates through a network of independent validators working for the governance of deBridge.

debridge crypto airdrop

All the steps to farm the airdrop are as follows:

  • go to the official website of deBridge
  • click on the “bridge” section
  • select the departure and destination network among those available
  • select the token you want to transfer from the available ones
  • click on “confirm trade” and pay the fees associated with the transaction.

Pay attention to the price spread and avoid transactions from the Ethereum mainnet because they could cost too much in terms of gas. If you still want to operate from there, check the gas price here.


Each transfer is associated with a reward of about 387 points, in addition to a fixed commission of 4.2 dollars that will go straight into the protocol’s pockets.

To maximize the airdrop allocation and avoid unnecessary expenses (given the high costs), it is necessary to undertake a farming strategy.

As excellently explained by the airdrop strategist “Ibrahim” in a thread on X, the key to success on deBridge is to execute small size trades, maximum 0.01 ETH.

This is because if we operate with a high size, we do not get many extra points on the base prize for each transaction, but at the same time we lose more value in terms of slippage.

So, it could be a valid solution to mainly operate between the chains Arbitrum and Optimism (where fees and slippage are the lowest by far) and reciprocally send 0.01 ETH until reaching a good position on the leaderboard.

Indicatively, with 100 dollars of fees paid we should be among the top 3000 users.

If you want to try climbing up to the top 500, where the prizes will certainly be very interesting, there are many more fees to pay at the same time.

Latest farming tips for the crypto airdrop: every now and then make some transactions with a larger size to increase volumes and sporadically move to other chains.

Use the referral bonus to earn a 25% points boost from every invited user and enjoy the rewards.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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