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Discovering the new listings on Binance: what are the next crypto gems?

Guessing which cryptocurrencies will be added to the Binance exchange in the next new listings is a particularly enticing activity for crypto enthusiasts.

Often these new tokens, as soon as they are announced on the platform, experience crazy price increases, sometimes even up to 10X.

In this article we try to read the future and predict what the next gems will be.

All the details below.

The new crypto listings just launched on Binance: the cryptographic ecosystem expands

Let’s start from the new listings recently concluded by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, in order to highlight the performance of these coins when they are added to the most famous cryptographic platform in the world for the buying and selling of digital assets.

First of all mentioned is the launch of the layer-1 SAGA, which on the first day of trading recorded a crazy price increase of 18,000%.

It must be said that it was obviously not possible to buy the crypto before the extreme pump started, as everything happened in the first fraction of a second of the listing.

However, even after the first 15 minutes of trading, excellent profit opportunities could be seized: SAGA in fact went from $5.3 at 10:15 AM to a maximum of $7.89 around 12 PM, growing by about 47%.

binance nuovi listing crypto

Another crypto that has amazed all professionals at Binance due to its more than excellent performance was W, the token of the Wormhole interoperability platform.

On the first day of listing, it recorded a price growth of 2,600%, also in this case “amplified” by the relatively low and inaccessible initial market inclusion value for traders.

As in the case of SAGA, we have also noticed good opportunities to generate gains in a short time with the Wormhole token.

From 3:30 PM on Wednesday, April 3rd until 7:15 PM of the same day, the currency experienced an increase of about 30% with particularly high trading volumes.

Another crypto that can testify to the pump effect generated by the listing on Binance is TNSR, token of a new marketplace launched on Solana, which in just one day has risen by 8,960% offering tempting opportunities to exchange speculators.

The first hours of trading, which started just two days ago, were led by the bears, who, by selling part of the coins offered to the community as airdrop, slightly lowered the price of the new cryptocurrency.

From 00:45 AM yesterday until 8:15 AM, in the middle of the night, TNSR recorded an increase of about 32%, offering European traders the opportunity to make money while they were sleeping.

It is clear, therefore, that listings on Binance bring appeal to new coins that are added to the exchange’s spot markets, generating a more significant volume of trades and media attention that often leads to an increase in the price of the coin itself

The cryptocurrencies most likely to be added to Binance markets

Let’s now move on to uncover those crypto gems that could be listed in the coming weeks on the Binance exchange.

Without prejudice to the fact that we are speculating on an unpredictable event and that the following information should be taken with a grain of salt, let’s see which tokens are most favored and most likely to make the big leap.

At the forefront we see ZKS, the next governance token of the Ethereum layer-2 developer zksync Era, which by the end of April could make its debut in the major crypto markets, including the shining one of Binance.

ZKS could give great satisfaction to early buyers, having been awaited for several months, and being part of one of the most hyped ecosystems of 2024.

The listing is almost certain: Binance has added a section within its web3 wallet where it anticipates the possibility of participating in an “ecosystem airdrop.”


Another crypto with high chances of entering the Olympus of the gods on Binance is EIGEN, the future token of the restaking platform Eigenlayer.

Just yesterday this cryptographic infrastructure entered the mainnet, opening the doors to a phase of evolution for the concept of distributed consensus on the Ethereum blockchain.

With the estimated launch of many AVS (Actively Validated Service) in the coming months, surely the crypto EIGEN will have the opportunity to see an appreciation of its value, in a context where the entire Eigenlayer ecosystem continues to record staggering numbers.

Up to now, the platform has attracted a TVL of 13.5 billion dollars: enough to send EIGEN to the moon for listing on Binance.

There is also a wide range of existing cryptos, with a listing on DEX or other smaller centralized exchanges, that are just waiting to receive the solemn call from Binance.

Among these, the category that is currently attracting the most hype is that of memecoins: we can bet that in the coming months Binance will add more meme-based cryptos to the already existing ones like DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, FLOKI, BOME WIF, etc.

The most renowned ones with a higher likelihood of being chosen are the following:

SLERF: memecoin launched on the Solana blockchain that caught the public’s attention after an “accidental burn” of 50% of its total supply.

DEGEN: another memecoin operating on Base, which in a few months has reached a market capitalization that can also be considered by an institution like Binance.

BABYDOGE: meme that takes after its father DOGE, already present for several years on the crypto markets and with a huge community behind it (2 million followers on Twitter).

MYRO: new “dog coin” of the Solana ecosystem that has quickly conquered a modest market capitalization of 200 million dollars.

BODEN: nice meme based on Solana that takes on the features of US President Joe Biden. Strong community and already significant capitalization.

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