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As Coinbase Cloud and Google Cloud join forces with EigenLayer for blockchain innovation

In an innovative development for the blockchain sector, Coinbase Cloud and Google Cloud have joined EigenLayer as operators, marking a significant collaboration following the launch of EigenLayer’s mainnet.

Blockchain: Coinbase and Google Cloud together with EigenLayer

The blockchain industry is witnessing a significant evolution with the launch of EigenLayer’s mainnet, a platform designed to enhance the security and scalability of the Ethereum network through a unique model of restaking and data availability. 

This significant development has caught the attention of major tech giants and blockchain companies, with the cloud divisions of Coinbase Cloud and Google Cloud leading the charge as some of the first players on the newly launched mainnet. 

This move indicates a significant shift towards more traditional technology companies that are directly engaging with blockchain technologies, bringing their extensive infrastructure and expertise to the forefront of the cryptocurrency world.

The innovative approach of EigenLayer allows Ethereum operators to delegate their activities, including native tokens like ETH or derivatives such as LST, to the operators. These operators, in turn, provide additional security to the Ethereum network and facilitate Layer 2 scalability solutions, essential for the scalability and widespread adoption of Ethereum. This shared security model not only strengthens the overall solidity of the Ethereum blockchain, but also allows stakers to participate in various blockchain applications without having to unlock their assets.

Coinbase Cloud, recognizing the potential impact of the EigenLayer protocol, has expressed pride in being among the first operators, emphasizing its role as a trusted partner for restaurateurs. This sentiment reflects the industry’s general enthusiasm for EigenLayer’s ability to transform Ethereum’s scalability and security. 

Similarly, the participation of Google Cloud, with a team led by product manager Sam Padilla, marks a significant commitment from one of the world’s largest cloud service providers towards blockchain technology. 

The launch of the mainnet

Google Cloud’s participation is not a first time in operations on blockchain nodes, as it already offers web3 infrastructure services for several important blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, and Aptos. This experience positions Google Cloud as a formidable player on the EigenLayer network.

The launch of EigenLayer’s mainnet, along with its EigenDA data availability layer, represents a crucial moment in the blockchain industry. It enables more efficient and secure delegation of staking powers, which is essential for the continued growth of the Ethereum network and wider adoption of blockchain technologies. By participating in EigenLayer, operators can provide essential services to other applications, processing transactions in exchange for rewards. This mechanism introduces an additional level of security to the Ethereum network, leveraging already staked ETH to make the network even more secure and scalable.

The list of EigenLayer operators goes beyond Coinbase Cloud and Google Cloud, and includes important names such as Deutsche Telekom MMS, HashKey Cloud, P2P, Nethermind, Figment, Everstake, Kiln, and AltLayer. This heterogeneous group of operators highlights the wide interest and potential applications of EigenLayer technology in various sectors of the blockchain industry.

Despite the innovative potential of the EigenLayer protocol, the platform is taking a cautious approach to its full implementation. Currently, operators are not validating any services, as EigenLayer intends to allow the operators and AVS (Additional Verification Service) market to mature and stabilize. The plan includes the introduction of payments and slashing mechanisms within the protocol on the mainnet throughout the year, further enhancing the functionality and security of the protocol.


The impact of EigenLayer’s mainnet launch is highlighted by the rapid growth of the platform, whose total value locked has exceeded 15 billion dollars. This figure demonstrates the confidence and interest of the blockchain community in EigenLayer’s vision and capabilities. As traditional tech giants and blockchain specialists rally around EigenLayer, the future of Ethereum’s scalability and security looks increasingly promising. The collaboration between established tech companies and innovative blockchain platforms like EigenLayer represents a new era of synergy, advancing the development and adoption of blockchain technology on an unprecedented scale.