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How can crypto companies leverage AI to create strategies?

How can crypto (and non-crypto) companies leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create the best strategies? The Forbes Business Council has published 20 ideas, including the one from Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget. Here are the details.

Crypto companies and AI to create sustainable and effective content strategies

In a discussion of the Forbes Business Council on how to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build sustainable content strategies, the idea of Gracy Chen from Bitget also emerged. 

And in fact, the Managing Director of the crypto-exchange stated that the integration of AI can simplify operations, accelerate processes, and free up more space for employee creativity. 

Basically, Chen’s idea is to leverage AI to simplify and automate operations, focusing on the heavier analytical work, so that the team can concentrate on innovation. 

Among the other 20 ideas emerged from the Forbes Business Council, the use of AI can be used by crypto (and non-crypto) companies “to create drafts to submit to team members for correction” or “to analyze data to obtain more personalized content”.

Others like Armand Peri from New Age have talked about AI “to identify audience behaviors and trends,” while James Mull from the Mull Group sees Artificial Intelligence as useful “to discover new opportunities.”

Gracy Chen from Bitget and the Forbes Business Council

It was October 2023, when the managing director of Bitget’s crypto-exchange, Gracy Chen, was appointed member of the Forbes Business Council.

This makes Chen part of the established leaders who gather on the platform to discuss and share best practices. 

Members of the Forbes Business Council are hand-selected and participate in discussions on contemporary issues concerning various industries and the global economic landscape.

Not by chance, the current topic of the forum has been dedicated to the innovation of AI and how to exploit it in the field of creating sustainable content.

Anyway, Chen’s appointment to this Council recognizes her as a leader and underscores her commitment and that of Bitget in shaping the future of cryptocurrencies. 

The price of AI and Big Data crypto

Looking at the prices of AI and Big Data category tokens, it seems that in the last week there is a positive trend.

And indeed, for the first three of this ranking, it seems that the price is definitely in bullish. 

On Friday, May 10th, the price of Near Protocol (NEAR) is up by +21% compared to seven days ago and is worth 7.49$. Following that, there is Render (RNDR), up by +45%, with the current price of 11.16$ and The Graph (GRT) up by +22%, with the current price of 0.30$.

Even in terms of market capitalization, these 3 AI and Big Data cryptos seem to climb the overall crypto ranking. 

NEAR is also in 17th place with over 8 billion dollars in market cap, RNDR is in 24th place with over 4.3 billion dollars in market cap, and finally, GRT is in 40th place with 2.9 billion dollars in market cap. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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