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Bitget PoolX has listed Runes-X-Bitcoin (X) and allows staking on ORDI

Bitget, the popular crypto-exchange, has announced the listing of Runes-X-Bitcoin (X) on its PoolX platform. In this way, users will be able to stake ORDI, earning X tokens. 

Bitget PoolX: the new listing of Runes-X-Bitcoin (X) and the staking of the Ordinals (ORDI)

Bitget, the popular crypto-exchange, has announced the new listing of Runes-X-Bitcoin (X) on its stake-to-mine PoolX platform. 

“Initial listing – $X @runes_x_bitcoin. Pair: X/USDT. Deposit: open. Trading start: May 30, 10:00 AM (UTC). Come and grab a share of 1,344,500,000 $X.”

In practice, the stake-to-mine period for the X token on PoolX, will be active until June 9, 2024, and users can visit the platform and win from a pool of 1,344,500,000 X token.

Specifically, users can stake the Ordinals (ORDI) and earn token X on the platform. 


RUNES-X-BITCOIN is a new and exciting meme coin project developed using the Runes protocol on the blockchain of Bitcoin.


The theme being referred to is “X”, making a nod to Elon Musk and the concept of unlimited possibilities. RUNES-X-BITCOIN stands out as a 100% decentralized and community-driven initiative.

Bitget PoolX and the listing of Runes-X-Bitcoin (X): the staking of ORDI is active until June 9 

In general, on PoolX, projects with one or more mining pool are presented, from which rewards in tokens are obtained every hour, based on the staking volume of the participants. 

Each mining pool on PoolX calculates its own annual percentage rate (APR) separately, offering users different opportunities to maximize their earnings in token.

The peculiarity of the platform lies in offering users the possibility to redeem the tokens put in staking at any time. For example, with the staking of ORDI, users can redeem them automatically and have the ORDI return to their spot accounts after the end of the mining period.

Regarding RUNES-X-BITCOIN, the supply of X was distributed for free to anyone holding assets with the letter “X” in the name or ticker, such as X domains, X NFTs, or BRC20 tokens containing X. 

This distribution method has made X’s memecoin immediately popular, with over 100,000 addresses holding RUNES-X-BITCOIN. The market cap has also increased from 2.1 million dollars on the day of its launch to over 13 million dollars.

From staking to the new Telegram Signal Bot

And if on one side Bitget is launching into the world of staking with its stake-to-mine platform PoolX, on the other side it recently seems to have introduced the Telegram Signal Bot.

With the goal of incentivizing the creators’ economy within the messaging ecosystem, the crypto-exchange wanted to launch a new product that changes the paradigm in signal provision. 

The new Telegram Signal Bot by Bitget is now available for free for Telegram group administrators, giving them the opportunity to share trading signals with the members of their crypto community. 

In fact, behind these bots, there are the expert cryptocurrency traders who can revolutionize management and interaction within the community.

D’altro canto, tutti gli appassionati di crypto possono accedere rapidamente ai segnali di trading, e massimizzare i loro guadagni con azioni tempestive.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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