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Elections USA November 2024: 1 voter out of 3 will support a pro-crypto President

According to the American market research and sentiment analysis company Harris Poll, some US voters would be inclined to vote in the 2024 US elections for a Presidential candidate who has expressed support for the crypto world.

In particular, 1 voter out of 3 thinks of supporting the movement of digital assets on the occasion of the presidential elections in November, believing that it can play a decisive role in the economic growth of the country.

Furthermore, the Harris poll highlights the growing American interest in crypto, with 77% of voters thinking that a candidate should have a deep understanding of this topic.

Let’s see everything in detail below.

Pro-crypto US President: interest rises ahead of the elections 

The survey by Harris Poll, a company that monitors market research, shows a 33% increase in interest from American citizens for pro-crypto political propaganda, on the occasion of the elections for the next US President on November 5, 2024.

From the numbers, it emerges that 1 in 3 voters considers the position of a political candidate on cryptocurrencies before voting and is more likely to support a candidate who has expressed their support for the digital asset industry, as the latter has established itself as an integral part of the financial economy of the United States.

Sebbene infatti fino a pochi anni fa il mondo delle crypto appariva come oscuro e tenebroso, pieno di insidie e di truffe, ad today everyone knows what Bitcoin is and many support the cryptographic movement.

We emphasize how the survey was sponsored by the issuer of the bitcoin ETF Grayscale.

The survey also revealed that 77% of the sample, which includes over 1,700 people selected online, believes that presidential candidates in view of the elections should have at least an “informed perspective” on the crypto topic.

Another similar research conducted at the end of 2023 had identified that 47% of respondents agreed in believing that cryptocurrencies would eventually end up in their investment portfolios: the subsequent approval of ETF Bitcoin spot in January gave more credibility to this statement.

Still, 44% of voters think to some extent that “la tecnologia crittografica e blockchain rappresentino il futuro della finanza“, up four percentage points from the responses to the same question asked last year, while 52% of respondents would invest in crypto if there were clearer regulations.

It therefore seems that American voters are increasingly evaluating Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto as a sector that underpins a value for the United States, rather than something to keep at bay as has always been maintained by the president of the SEC Gary Gensler and the current US president Joe Biden (the latter also becoming increasingly pro-crypto).

Regarding the results of the survey, Zach Pandl, Head of Research at Grayscale, stated that:

“Probably American voters from across the political spectrum indicate a greater interest in investing in cryptocurrencies and supporting candidates knowledgeable in emerging technologies”.

Donald Trump promises that the future of crypto will be based in the USA

By now, the importance of the crypto sector is also perceived in the political sphere, where on the occasion of the elections for the next USA president 2024, the candidates are trying to appear as crypto-friendly as possible to attract a significant portion of votes.

In the Harris Poll survey, it emerged that 98% of respondents had heard of Bitcoin at least once, while only 46% claim to be unfamiliar with Ethereum, despite recording 24% of the sample highlighting that the approval of ETF ETH would make them more inclined to invest.

In this regard, even the current president of the United States Joe Bide, always opposed to cryptocurrencies, has moved to gain more votes from the crypto community, pushing to speed up the liberalization of exchange-traded funds on Ethereum.

In any case the candidate Donald Trump seems to be the one who is working the hardest in this regard and could obtain the majority of votes from the crypto audience.

On May 25th, during one of his political speeches at the National Convention of the Libertarian Party in Washington, he reiterated how he will ensure that “the future of crypto is realized in the USA”, if he is elected president

The pro-crypto stance of the former president had already partially shown itself in recent months, for example with the opening of donations in cryptocurrency to finance the election campaign. 

Lo stesso Trump ha sottolineato come se verrà rieletto come 47esimo presidente degli Stati Uniti d’America, provvederà subito a rilasciare Ross Ulbricht, fondatore del sito Silk Road condannato al doppio ergastolo nel 2015 e incarcerato nel 2017.

Silk Road is known for being one of the largest online drug-selling sites, while the bull sector of cryptocurrencies was in the early stages of its expansion.

Trump has promised a pardon to Ulbricht, despite being known as the founder of the first modern darknet market with a payment system centered on Bitcoin and having allowed illicit trades worth billions of dollars.

So he declared at the Convention on May 25:

If you vote for me, on the first day I will commute Ross Ulbircht’s sentence“,

It is also worth noting how Trump holds crypto investments worth around 10 million dollars.

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