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The community della meme coin Sponge vota a favore delle ricompense di staking

La community di Sponge ($SPONGE), una delle meme coin più popolari del momento, ha votato a favore della distribuzione immediata delle redditizie ricompense di staking del progetto. 

This decision marks a significant step for the future of the cryptocurrency, which has already brought its early supporters astonishing returns of up to 10,000%.

A decisive moment for the Sponge memecoin community: the start of staking rewards 


The decision made by the community means that all staking rewards accumulated will be paid to the holders of $SPONGE starting from May 30 at 10:00 UTC. This vote represents a crucial turning point for the meme coin, which has seen explosive growth and significant engagement from its holders.


Sponge conducted a survey among its followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) between May 16 and 21, asking the community to express their preferences on how they preferred to manage staking rewards. The options included:

  1. Access rewards immediately.
  2. Block the rewards for one month.
  3. Maturate the rewards linearly over six months.
  4. Maturate the rewards linearly over the course of a year.

The voting saw massive participation, reflecting the enthusiasm and commitment of the $SPONGE community. In the end, the majority opted for immediate access to the rewards, a decision that was met with great enthusiasm.

In a follow-up post, Sponge explained the logic behind the various voting options and the reason why the community chose the immediate distribution of rewards. The main factor considered was price stability.

Blocking or distributing the rewards gradually could have helped maintain the price stability of $SPONGE, avoiding potential fluctuations due to massive token sales. 

Tuttavia, la decisione di optare per le ricompense immediate è stata vista come un modo per premiare rapidamente e in modo tangibile i possessori di $SPONGE, rafforzando il loro impegno e fiducia nel progetto.

Implications for the market

The decision to immediately distribute staking rewards could have various implications for the $SPONGE market. On one hand, holders might be incentivized to keep their tokens, given the immediate return on their holdings. 

Dall’altro lato, esiste la possibilità che alcuni decidano di vendere le loro ricompense, il che potrebbe influire sulla volatilità del prezzo del token nel breve termine.

Despite possible short-term fluctuations, the future of $SPONGE looks promising. 

The criptovaluta has already demonstrated to have a strong and dedicated community, capable of making informed and collective decisions for the good of the project. This type of participatory governance is essential for the long-term success of meme coin and criptovalute in general.

Moreover, the ability to adapt and respond quickly to the needs of the community is a positive sign for the sustainability of $SPONGE. With an active and engaged community, the project has all the right cards to continue growing and innovating in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.


The voting on May 27, 2024, represents a key moment for the community of Sponge ($SPONGE). 

The decision to immediately distribute staking rewards demonstrates the community’s ability to make quick and collective decisions, which reflect the needs and desires of $SPONGE holders.

With the rewards ready to be distributed starting from May 30, all eyes will be on how the market will react and what the next step will be for this innovative meme coin.

Regardless of short-term fluctuations, the solid base of supporters and the participatory governance of $SPONGE are indicators of a bright and prosperous future for the cryptocurrency.

The success of $SPONGE not only highlights the potential of meme coins, but also the importance of an engaged and active community in determining the future of a project. 

With such a dynamic and participatory approach, $SPONGE is destined to remain one of the protagonists in the cryptocurrency landscape.