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Bitfinex: il crypto-exchange annuncia il listing di VELAR

Bitfinex, the famous crypto-exchange, has announced the new listing of Velar (VELAR), the native token of the DeFi liquidity protocol that capitalizes on Bitcoin. 

Bitfinex announces the new listing of VELAR on the crypto-exchange

Bitfinex has announced the new listing of Velar (VELAR) on the crypto-exchange:

“This #Bitfinex #TokenTuesday welcomes $VELAR! The native token of @VelarBTC – a DeFi liquidity protocol that capitalizes on #Bitcoin through a level 2 agnostic approach.”

In practice, Velar is a liquidity protocol DeFi that leverages the robustness of Bitcoin through a level 2 agnostic approach.

Nello specifico, Velar opera sulla blockchain Stacks e impiega il linguaggio smart contract Clarity. 

Non solo, con Velar, gli utenti possono lanciare e scambiare token sulla blockchain Bitcoin e guadagnare ricompense fornendo liquidità ai pool con asset in pool. In questo senso, la strategia multi-catena di Velar svolge un ruolo fondamentale nell’accelerare l’adozione della DeFi all’interno dell’ecosistema Bitcoin.

Bitfinex and the new listing of the crypto VELAR: deposits and trading are open

After the announcement of the new crypto listing of VELAR, the days for opening deposits and trading on Bitfinex, respectively on May 28 and 30, were also revealed. Not only that, initially VELAR will be tradable in US dollars (VELAR/USD) and in Tether tokens (VELAR/USDt). 


“$VELAR will be listed on @bitfinex on May 30th $VELAR will be the first token of the #Bitcoin ecosystem to be available on Bitfinex, marking a significant milestone for our community and for the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem as a whole.


Opening of deposits on May 28 at 10:00 AM UTC

Opening of trading on May 30 at 10:00 UTC

A tal proposito, Henry Child, responsabile dei token di Bitfinex, ha commentato:

“The unique approach of Velar, which uses a multi-chain strategy along with the consolidated security of Bitcoin, plays a fundamental role in accelerating the adoption of DeFi within the Bitcoin ecosystem. This makes it an innovative addition to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are excited to list $VELAR and to enable our users to participate in the next wave of DeFi adoption”

VELAR: price and market cap

At the time of writing, the crypto VELAR is worth 0.108$, in a price dump of almost -6% in the last 24 hours, and -24% in the last seven days. 

Its total market cap is 9.6 million dollars and in fact, in the general crypto ranking, VELAR is in the 3315th position. 

VELAR serves as the backbone of the Velar platform, acting as a key liquidity source and incentivizing user participation. In addition to its primary function, VELAR offers a wider range of utilities within the Velar ecosystem. 

In any case, last week, in this new column dedicated to the “Tuesday listing”, Bitfinex had announced the new listing of the PORTAL token, from the namesake Web3 gaming platform.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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