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Animoca Brands Japan launches its NFT launchpad Sorah on June 18

Animoca Brands Japan, the strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced that on June 18 there will be the launch of its NFT launchpad Sorah. The platform will serve to support projects and creators in the sale of their Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Animoca Brands Japan and the launch of the new Sorah NFT launchpad

Animoca Brands Japan, the strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands, will launch on June 18 its new NFT launchpad, called Sorah. 

In practice, Sorah will be a launch platform for NFTs that supports projects and creators in selling their Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Specifically, the launchpad by Animoca Brands Japan aims to provide sales opportunities and multifaceted support for sales and marketing strategies for the NFT projects that will be selected. 

At stake, there will also be a loyalty program like an NFT that will allow users to receive various benefits. 

Thanks to Sorah’s new platform, Animoca Brands Japan aims to become a Web3 portal that better connects Japan with the global community. In fact, among the various objectives is the promotion of Japanese IPs (such as manga and anime) worldwide, also developing content in Japan that generates global interest.

Animoca Brands Japan and the new NFT launchpad Sorah: the inaugural sales

As anticipated, the launch of Sorah will take place on June 18. On this occasion, there will be several inaugural sales such as the San FranTokyo PFP NFT collection “San FranTokyo Visions”, as well as the “Captain Tsubasa Team Collection” and the “SHIBUYA109 FASHION COLLECTION” for The Sandbox.

Specifically, the collection San FranTokyo Visions, sees the sale of 50 NFT at the price of 0.085 ETH each. To give an idea of the project, the description talks about San FranTokyo as an imaginary city that brings together IP and brands, focusing on anime, manga, and pop culture fandom. 

Another collection is then Team Captain Tsubasa of 100 NFT, which will be sold at the price of 60 MATIC each. Here, one is faced with a collection of avatars from The Sandbox of the immortal masterpiece Captain Tsubasa, consisting of a total of 2,060 avatars that include avatars wearing the famous uniforms of Nankatsu Junior High School and Toho Gakuen Junior High School.

And then, still on Sorah, there will also be the inaugural sale of the SHIBUYA109 FASHION COLLECTION, 100 NFT at the price of 60 MATIC each. Published on The Sandbox, here the 2060 total avatars incorporate Japanese trends and culture. 

The holders of this collection will be able to use their avatars to have fun with fashion-themed minigames and play with a series of experiential content that will be available in the metaverse of The Sandbox.

In general, the NFT launchpad of Animoca Brands Japan, Sorah, is supported by the Ethereum and Polygon chains. Not only that, to maintain a limit, the sales of its NFTs are not available to residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, countries subject to sanctions, and other restricted jurisdictions.

The 20 million dollar funding in the metaverse of The Sandbox

Recently, another division of Animoca Brands has also made headlines. It is the decentralized metaverse of The Sandbox which would have obtained a funding of 20 million dollars, thus reaching a maximum valuation of 1 billion dollars. 

The objective is to further develop the creators’ economy within an open metaverse. 

The financing was led by Kingsway Capital and Animoca Brands, with participation from LG Tech Ventures and True Global Ventures. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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