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MoonPay adds PayPal to purchase crypto in the United Kingdom and the EU

MoonPay has announced that it has extended the PayPay fiat payment option for customers in the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU). The next step will be to add PayPal for users in New York and Texas. 

MoonPay extends the PayPal payment option to purchase crypto in the United Kingdom and EU

MoonPay has announced that it has added the PayPal payment option to purchase crypto, also for users in the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU)

“Now expanding: PayPal x MoonPay. New and existing members of the MoonPay community can now purchase cryptocurrencies with PayPal in 48 states, in the EU and the UK! NY and TX, we love you and we are working on it.”

Customers across Europe and the United Kingdom will soon be able to use PayPal as a cryptocurrency purchase option within the MoonPay platform.

At the moment, it seems that the PayPal option on MoonPay will not be available only for residents of Croatia, Iceland, and Hungary. 

The future commitment of MoonPay will be to extend the fiat PayPal payment option also to users in New York and Texas. 

The fintech company has defined PayPal as the third most used payment option in the United States, after Apple Pay and traditional bank cards. 

MoonPay: PayPal for purchasing crypto now available also in the UK and EU

In this regard, Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO and co-founder of MoonPay, emphasized PayPal’s ability to provide a simpler user experience for new customers:

“This move will allow us to provide a frictionless experience and lower the barriers to entry to include new users worldwide, bringing convenience and trust to our growing customer base”.

Already at the beginning of May 2024, MoonPay had announced its partnership with PayPal precisely to allow its customers in the United States to purchase crypto, through their PayPal account.

Specifically, the fiat payment option has been made available only for 48 states in the USA. These customers can therefore use PayPal to buy and sell all over 110 crypto offered by MoonPay. 

The $1 million donation for the initiative of the crypto-exchange Coinbase

In mid-May, MoonPay made headlines also for its donation of 1 million dollars to the Stand With Crypto initiative of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. 

The objective of this donation is to support the efforts of Stand With Crypto, an important non-profit organization committed to uniting global crypto supporters. 

In addition to the donation, MoonPay has also committed to supporting the officials who will be elected in creating a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, capable of promoting innovation while at the same time protecting consumers. 

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