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Crypto news: Tezos Foundation and Google Cloud join in an innovative global collaboration

Crypto news: the Tezos Foundation has recently entered into a partnership with Google Cloud to create a secure and resilient online copy of the Tezos blockchain. 

Using the standard tools of the Google Cloud SDK, this operation was performed in record time, ensuring the presence of the blockchain on all continents. Let’s see all the details below.

The security and resilience of the Tezos crypto system on Google Cloud

As anticipated, Tezos has partnered with Google Cloud to create a secure and resilient online copy of the Tezos blockchain, ensuring its presence on all continents.

Using the standard tools of Google Cloud SDK, this operation was performed in record time, consolidating Tezos’ position as one of the most advanced and reliable blockchains in the world.

A fundamental aspect of the collaboration with Google Cloud has been the creation of archive nodes on a global scale.

These nodes provide a complete record of every transaction and every intermediate state of the ledger on the blockchain, facilitating the exploratory analysis of the data.

The Tezos Foundation has leveraged the infrastructure of Google Cloud to handle data volumes exceeding 1 TB, creating archive nodes in less than two hours thanks to the use of Filestore.

Chris Pinnock, head of Information Technology at the Tezos Foundation, highlighted the effectiveness of Google Cloud in this initiative: 

“Google Cloud has allowed us to have archive nodes all over the world very quickly. We are able to use Filestore to move terabytes of data and create nodes that use that data in less than two hours. Additionally, we were able to immediately add monitoring using Google Cloud’s uptime checks.”

In addition to the creation of archive nodes, the Tezos Foundation has developed a complete snapshot service in less than three days using the Cloud SDK command line tools. 

This service allows you to create instant copies of the blockchain state, facilitating the resumption of operations if needed.

The impact of the Tezos blockchain

Another demonstration of the power of the collaboration between Tezos and Google Cloud has been the ability of the Tezos blockchain to process up to one million transactions per second, using Compute Engine. 

This extraordinary transactional capability was presented in a demonstration that highlights the potential of Tezos technology in transforming sectors such as finance, pharmaceuticals, art, food, and travel.

The distributed ledger technology of Tezos supports a decentralized and immutable property register, which is constantly transforming various sectors. 

Tezos is an open-source blockchain that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions and serves as a platform for the deployment of smart contracts. 

It is recognized for being environmentally sustainable and for offering a governance model on the chain that gives validators, known as “baker” in the Tezos ecosystem, control over network management.

This blockchain has already found applications in high-profile sporting events, with Manchester United and McLaren using it to distribute digital collectibles.

With the increase in the use of the Tezos blockchain, the Tezos Foundation has decided to diversify its service providers, choosing Google Cloud to ensure greater resilience and security.

This collaboration represents a significant step towards the globalization and decentralization of blockchain technologies, ensuring that Tezos remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

Sustainability and environmental impact

One of the most innovative aspects of this collaboration is the possibility to monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of the Tezos network. 

Using Google Cloud dashboards, the Tezos Foundation can analyze the carbon consumption of each data center and choose where to run its nodes to minimize the environmental impact. 

This commitment to sustainability makes Tezos one of the most eco-friendly blockchains around.

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