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The CEO di Kraken afferma che l’amministrazione Biden si sta “ammorbidendo” nei confronti delle criptovalute

Recently, the CEO di Kraken, Dave Ripley, offered an optimistic analysis of the position of the amministrazione Biden towards crypto, stating that there is a clear softening compared to previous years.

A change of perspective on crypto for Biden: the statements of the CEO of Kraken

Ripley, in a recent interview, observed that the Biden administration has shown signs of greater openness and understanding of the cryptocurrency sector. “It seems that there is a change in tone from the government,” said Ripley.

“We have moved from a phase of great uncertainty and sometimes hostility, to a phase where there is a broader recognition of the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.”

This change is significant for a sector that has often seen regulations as an obstacle to growth and innovation. In particular, Ripley noted how the Biden administration is considering the economic and technological implications of cryptocurrencies more carefully, rather than simply treating them as a threat to be regulated strictly.

A clear signal of this change was the overwhelming approval of the FIT21 in the House. The FIT21, acronym for “Financial Innovation and Technology Act of 2021”, is a bill aimed at creating a clear and favorable regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and other emerging financial technologies.

Ripley expressed surprise at the level of support that the bill received:

“We did not expect it to be so successful. This shows that there is a growing recognition of the importance of financial innovation and the role that cryptocurrencies can play in the future of the economy.”

The approval of FIT21 has been seen as a fundamental step forward towards creating a more stable and predictable regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies in the United States. The bill aims to balance the need to protect consumers and maintain financial stability with the promotion of technological innovation.

A promising future

The more positive attitude of the Biden administration, combined with the legislative success of FIT21, suggests a more promising future for cryptocurrencies in the United States. For companies like Kraken, this means greater opportunities for growth and innovation without having to face excessive regulatory hurdles.

Ripley emphasized how a clear regulatory framework can bring benefits not only to cryptocurrency companies, but also to consumers and the economy in general. “When there is regulatory clarity, companies can innovate with greater confidence and consumers can trust new financial products and services more,” he said. “This creates a virtuous cycle of growth and adoption.”

Despite the optimism, Ripley acknowledged that there are still many challenges to face. The regulation of cryptocurrencies is an evolving field, and there are still many gray areas that need to be clarified. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency industry must continue to work to earn the trust of the public and regulators, demonstrating that it can operate in a safe and responsible manner.

Ripley also mentioned the need for continuous dialogue between the cryptocurrency sector and legislators. “We need to continue collaborating with regulators to ensure they understand our concerns and needs,” he said. “Only through open and transparent communication can we create a regulatory environment that fosters innovation and protects consumers.”


Dave Ripley’s observations offer an optimistic perspective on the future of cryptocurrencies in the United States under the Biden administration. The growing recognition of the potential of cryptocurrencies and the success of FIT21 in the House indicate a significant shift in government policy. However, as Ripley pointed out, it is essential to continue working to overcome the remaining challenges and ensure that the cryptocurrency industry can thrive in a favorable and secure regulatory environment.