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Capital.com: la società fintech integra TradingView alla sua piattaforma di trading

Capital.com, a famous fintech company, has partnered with TradingView to offer its trader clients more sophisticated analytical tools. 

Capital.com: la società fintech sceglie TradingView per migliorare le sue prestazioni nel trading 

Capital.com, famous fintech company with more than 1000 billion dollars of trading volumes recorded in 2023, has announced its partnership with TradingView. 

“AN EXCITING PLATFORM UPDATE. We are launching new super advanced charts courtesy of @tradingview! What you will get: More tools; Improved navigation; Customizable images; New market comparison; Refined templates. We can’t wait to see what you think!”

In practice, the sophisticated analytical tools of TradingView will be integrated on the famous global trading platform of Capital.com.  

Specifically, Capital.com together with TradingView will bring improvements in terms of access to enhanced drawing tools, customizable charts, and a comprehensive list of indicators to support and enhance the trading experience of its clients. 

The fintech company allows customers to trade derivatives on over 3,000 indices, commodities, criptovalute, stocks, and the most popular currency pairs in the world.

Not only that, Capital.com offers clients access to free educational and trading tools to help them refine their trading knowledge.

Capital.com: the fintech company becomes more sophisticated thanks to the partnership with TradingView

From what has emerged, the news seems to complete an already collaborative effort between the two companies. 

In this regard, Pierce Crosby, General Manager of TradingView, stated:

“Capital.com continues to provide top-level product implementations for its users – and for ours! We have been collaborating with their team for several years and are continually impressed by the consistency of updates and implementations. The latest update allows customers to access the best of our chart libraries with the Capital.com product ecosystem. This completes the existing trading integration we have established to bring Capital.com’s trading capabilities into the TradingView ecosystem.”

On a more concrete level, the new version of Capital.com with integrated TradingView will offer its clients more popular analysis tools, such as Fibonacci, Gann, and Elliot. There will be over 30 additional indicators for the most common trading strategies and over 35 drawing tools to plan operations, as well as rulers and emojis. 

Not only that, on the Capital.com trading platform, customers will now be able to monitor price action across multiple markets simultaneously and access the improved navigation and toolbar features. 

The partnership with the crypto-exchange Bitget

TradingView seems to be increasingly chosen by all trading platforms. In fact, it was last March 2023, when the crypto-exchange Bitget announced that it had integrated the sophisticated analytical tools of TradingView into its platform.

Even in this case, having the support of TradingView means being able to offer a simplified trading experience to one’s users, in order to make more informed and professional decisions. 

TradingView is a charting and trading platform, which has become popular because it allows users to perform technical and fundamental analysis, using comprehensible tools. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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