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Exodus: the crypto-wallet launches Passkeys to facilitate onboarding in Web3

Exodus launches the Passkeys Wallet, to facilitate onboarding into Web3 for its users: the new solution allows developers to integrate the crypto-wallet into any application. 


Exodus Passkeys Wallet: the new solution to access the Web3 of the crypto wallet


Exodus has announced the launch of Passkeys Wallet, the new solution to facilitate onboarding into Web3 for its users and app developers.

“Presentation: Passkeys Wallet. Create a cryptocurrency wallet in just one click, and in a few seconds be on the launch pad – no seed phrase or email login required. It’s the simplest onboarding for users and the fastest integration for developers. Let’s talk about it “

In its series of tweets, one of the main self-custody software wallets for cryptocurrencies, Exodus, described its new product. 

In practice, with Passkeys Wallet, users and developers will no longer have to log in via email, which has been replaced by biometric login or PIN to ensure security and ease. 

The creation of your own crypto-wallet can also be done entirely within the dApps. Not only that, Exodus emphasizes that there will be no new plugin tabs, downloads, or new windows interrupting the operations carried out through the Passkeys Wallet. 

Exodus Passkeys Wallet: the advantages for Web3 and crypto developers

Even Web3 and crypto developers can benefit from the new Exodus Passkeys Wallet.

Among others, developers can integrate the crypto-wallet into their platforms in a few minutes, easily unlocking liquidity even on unsupported networks. 

Additionally, Passkeys Wallet exclusively supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL) which provides users with flexibility and access to different blockchain ecosystems and DApp.

In any case, while simplifying the integration of portfolios between dApps, Exodus guarantees users complete control of their assets in a protected ecosystem. The Passkeys Wallet allows limiting transactions, but still maintains self-custody. 

The new product of the famous crypto-wallet has been built using the technology multiparty computation (MPC), which aims to improve security by distributing the control of the private key among multiple parties.

The new MetaMask toolkit

Just yesterday, it was reported that the famous crypto-wallet of MetaMask has introduced its Delegation Toolkit, a set of tools that involve users and developers in Web3. 

Here too, the goal is precisely to simplify the development of dApp and to create new experiences for users. 

It is precisely about improving the approach to Web3 for the entire community, so that developers and users can obtain various benefits. Among the many, MetaMask guarantees the user’s instant access which will allow to eliminate any friction in the onboarding to Web3. 

The MetaMask Delegation Toolkit is available on any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network, supported by a user operation bundler, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Linea, Optimism, and Polygon. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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