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Trezor integrates three new languages: Spanish, French and German in the new version of the wallet

Trezor has just launched new languages in the latest version of the wallet, finally including French, Spanish, and German.

Trezor: the crypto hardware wallet issues a security alert after a phishing attack

On January 17, 2024, the portal was breached, but no threats to digital assets were made.

Trezor hardware wallets integrate Solana support.

The addition of these tokens aligns with the growing interest in Solana amidst a significant price rally.

Interest in the Trezor crypto wallet is growing after the exploit in the Ledger connect kit library.

"Thanks" to the exploit suffered by Ledger, Trezor's crypto wallets have recorded a significant increase in interest.

Interview at Matěj Žák, CEO at Trezor: a deep journey inside the new Trezor Safe family

During the Bitcoin Amsterdam, we interviewed Trezor CEO, Matěj Žák, who gave us more details about the new products family and some insights about the company's future

Sold Out in under 24 hours – Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only

€21 from each sale has been donated to support the Trezor Academy

Trezor launches new hardware wallets and its own metal recovery seed backup

New Trezor products arrive to guide crypto newcomers and novices on their journey to self-custody

Trezor: coinjoin also on the Model One hardware wallet

It is now possible to conduct anonymous Bitcoint ransactions with both of the company's devices

Apple removes a fake app of crypto wallet Trezor

Rafael Yakobi's security alert regarding Apple's App Store

Spreading of fake Trezor hardware devices

The purpose of the scammers is to withdraw money once purchased

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