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Securities Commission of The Bahamas Relaunches Inaugural D3 Fintech Festival

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas today invites FinTech and Web3 builders to Nassau for the inaugural D3 Bahamas Festival – 10-12th October

Crypto news: Coinbase chooses Truflation as investment of inaugural fund

Truflation has emerged from a shortlist of more than 800 candidates.

Stablecoin Summit Singapore 2023: Inaugural Gathering of Global CBDC and Stablecoin Experts Empowering NextGen Finance

The Monetary Authority of Singapore recently unveiled its Stablecoin Regulatory Framework to strong international reception

Wallex Bank to Present in the Inaugural AIBC UAE Summit in Dubai

An exciting, one-of-a-kind, global event is about to happen in the emirate of Dubai

Augur v2 will arrive in July

The platform allows anyone to create and be part of a predictive marketplace

An update on the Augur REP coin

This is a decentralized oracle service that can be integrated into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain

Augur: how does it work and the purpose of a prediction market

A system that predicts events, incentivized by the confusion created by the Coronavirus

Augur (REP) and the best DeFi projects

A study reveals which development teams are the most active in the industry


The Augur protocol has its own native ERC20 token, called REP, which is used by the creators of the "markets" to place the bet and to buy participation tokens. 

Moreover, REP can be used to dispute the outcome of a "market" if, for example, it is not proven by a reliable source. 

The dispute activity can be initiated by any user who disagrees with the reported result; this process is defined by the Augur protocol. 

In order to start any trading activity, it is necessary to have a certain amount of available ETH in the wallet. 

Augur improves user experience

The market prediction protocol closed a partnership with Alchemy

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