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Boom di acquisti di crypto in Brasile

In March, an increase of 118% compared to 2023.

Banca di Spagna: experimentation with CBDC begins with new blockchain partners

Among the 24 received applications, Cecabank, Abanca, and Adhara have been chosen.

Brazil: voting could be done using blockchain in the future. But does it make sense?

There have long been rumors that the technology could help to have more transparent voting

Colombia: the new president is a Bitcoin supporter

Gustavo Petro had spoken in favour of the crypto queen some time ago

Brazil: Digital Real as collateral for stablecoins launched by banks

Brazil's national CBDC as backing for other currencies

Rio de Janeiro: taxes will be payable in crypto from 2023

Binance expands its services in Brazil by facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies to the local community

Aave selected by Brazil’s central bank

It is part of the nine projects monitored for the development of the Digital Rea

Brazil: first Bitcoin ETF to support the green economy

BITH11 supports carbon neutrality and sustainable technology

Brazil: birth certificate registered on the blockchain

The first certified registration platform in the country

Pier platform, a blockchain-based tool

In Brazil, an institutional platform is being developed for the exchange of information between the various financial market supervisors.

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