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Coachella launches NFTs in collaboration with OpenSea

They will entitle you to receive exclusive benefits for the April festival.

OpenSea: the NFT marketplace is “open” to negotiations, including sales

The CEO Devin Finzer stated that the platform could be acquired.

OpenSea NFT marketplace: users report several phishing campaigns

The Non-Fungible Token marketplace warns that it is not a hacker attack

Opensea: NFT giant lays off an unspecified number of employees

The decision sparked discussions about the current state of the NFT market

OpenSea revolutionises NFT creation with innovative ‘No-Code Hub

OpenSea launches tool for NFT creators with no blockchain experience

Borroe Rolls Fractionalized NFTs, This Marketplace is The Perfect Replacement For OpenSea, Rarible

NFTs have exploded in popularity and value in recent years, creating a new wave of creativity and innovation in the Web3 space.

OpenSea: Adidas launches RESIDENCY for digital artists as new NFT frontier

MonkeeMoto and Adra Kandil chosen for RESIDENCY by Adidas

ZTX Genesis Home Mint: the launch of the exclusive NFT drop in partnership with OpenSea

Unique governance experience and rewards for the ZTX community

OpenSea switches to optional fees for NFT creators from 31 August

Marketplace will abolish Operator Filter launched last November 2022

OpenSea integrates Zora network into its ecosystem

A new chain designed to minimize costs for creators

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