Staked is a platform launched in September 2019 that provides users with Robo-Advisor Yields. A RAY is a smart contract system that allows to automatically allocate different crypto assets held in a portfolio where there is an opportunity for the highest achievable yield, choosing among the different Lending platforms that the DeFi market offers.

This allows investors to choose between different available pools that best fit their profile characteristics, allocating their capital in order to achieve two very important objectives, risk minimization and profit maximization. 

The portfolio can be composed of different assets, such as ETH, DAI, USDC, Tezos and Decred, which will then communicate with different platforms that use Proof of Stake as a security model in their protocol; among these are Compound, Fulcrum, dYdX and Dai Savings Rate. 

Staked’s governance aims to maximize the value of the crypto assets held over a long period of time. Decisions are supported by an active community of supporters who are always up to date and take into account the wide variety of proposals coming from different nodes with the aim of increasing the value of the network.  

For the most farsighted investors who are willing to keep assets within the platform for a long time, the network is able to reward them with a value ranging from 200% to 350% of their initial value in 5 years, although with smaller tokens such as Livepeer and NuCypher.