Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


The week starts in an organisational pump: you take care of your daily chores. The Sun enters Pisces from Monday 19/2 and inaugurates the ‘capital gain’ stage of your roadmap.  So, while in the field of relationships and personal initiatives you are the star of the moment, attracting what you need to evolve, what you need to do for yourself now is to concretely assess the feasibility of your desires. In pump&dump mood in the central part: Mercury also enters Pisces on Friday 23/2 and in your mental metaverse come more rational and practical thoughts, useful for realising your dreams. Weekend in bullish mood: with the Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday 24/2 the spirit of “renewal” goes into lightning, and you are inspired to make a change, right now, that you are setting your longs to get the capital gains you deserve.