Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Start the week in a bullish mood: eager to trade interesting and curious ideas. Mars enters Aquarius from Tuesday 13/2 and there is the launch of your new personal projects, the ones you have been pondering for quite some time. Mood volatility in the central part: you are looking for a sense of belonging in every dream you express before you blow out the candles. Not only that, Venus also enters Aquarius from Friday 16/2 and in relationships you return to blossom like a flower, affirming your original and creative qualities, and attracting new acquaintances or unblocking negotiations that have been on hold. This Stellium in Aquarius highlights your theme of the moment, inviting you to assert yourself and give space to your personal evolution, the one you drafted in your Whitepaper 3.0, finally made public. Weekend mood touching ATH – All Time High of euphoria: time to express the new version of you!