Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Start the week in a bullish mood: lexperience Christmas with personal satisfaction, receiving the attention and appreciation you deserve, including from your loved ones! Still in a bull run mood in the middle part: the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, 12/27 puts your self-love in lightning, just as you’re on the stage of your roadmap dedicated to preparation. Who knows there is a need for a feeling of personal well-being to be put first as you close and open a new cycle. Weekend with the mood in pump&dump even as Venus enters Sagittarius from Friday, 29/12 and calls for “originality” in relationships! There is an urge now to focus on friendship and share more anitconventional experiences or thoughts, rich with your beloved freedom! By New Year’s Eve 2024, in your market, the asset “transformation” marks a pump, and if there is one thing you want to do, it is to toast to those to-do changes that renew situations!