Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Mood volatility early in the week, followed by a certain bullishness: between work and fiesta, you celebrate and realize how much more there is to do! Yes, you are passing the Lightning Torch to the next sign, and beginning to project yourself to your future, imagining it as only you know how! Saturn in the sign for a good 3 years has empowered you precisely in your personal affirmation, and now if you make a decision you charge yourself with all the commitment it takes to make it happen. HODLer in market observation in the final part: in relationships you are more concrete and rational, assessing the viability of your relationships more objectively on the fly. Weekend mood to-the-moon: the new Sun in Pisces on Saturday 18/2 ushers in the new “capital gain” stage, and whatever crosses your roadmap must at least have the flavor of prosperity, otherwise you can short it.