Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


A personal wellness pump&dump at the beginning of the week: you organize your routine better so you can enjoy your time off! In mood pump&dump in the middle part: there is some general nervousness that could cause arguments, maybe you expect others to adjust a bit more to your schedule and goals too! After all, in your personal project roadmap you are bringing out your talents with courage and dedication! More in a bullish mood in the final part: you are reshaping your relationships, renewing them, because the “news” of the last period has brought changes in your way of life. The new Sun in Libra from Friday 23/9 inaugurates your month of “exploration”: whether physical journeys or immersive experiences in the metaverse, now more than ever you are launching yourself into the discovery of new horizons! Not only that, the New Moon in Libra on Sunday 25/9 wraps up this new stage with feelings of adventure!