Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


HODLer mood in market observation early in the week: perhaps a time for recollection and reflection! Not only that, the new Venus in Virgo on Monday, 5/9 puts you in “transformation” as well as your roadmap of personal projects, also with your love and work relationships, and who knows you may feel the need to change something, to short outdated sides of your character to make room for renewal. Mood to-the-moon in the middle part: you’ve been working hard for more than a year on your personal affirmation, taking proper responsibility, and now, perhaps, you might see the first results! In a pump of concreteness in the final part: the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday, 10/9, wants you to be more practical and rational in proceeding with the change you are now leading. Sunday in a bull run of chatter: want to share your news with the nodes in your network!