Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Pump of concreteness at the beginning of the week: your inspirations and new ideas are finding a certain market response. With the new Mars in Aries from Tuesday 24/5, your personal project roadmap also wants you to be more “communicative” than usual and if you have hidden leadership qualities… it’s time to bring them out! Your original thoughts now find the right red carpet to be expressed, through metaverses, NFTs or simple transactions of ideas with friends/nodes! Bullish mood in the middle part: maybe some new events or encounters, brighten your mind with new messages to share. More volatile weekend: with the new Venus in Taurus on Saturday 28/5 your love, friendship, and work relationships have to deal with priorities related to “home & family matters” such as a house change or new roles in the family, all to be clarified once and for all!