Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Monday in a bullish mood: you feel like the hero of the moment, fulfilled in all you do and by the accolades you receive. You’re hitting the ground running again with your new 2024 roadmap, and there’s “expressing your desires for evolution,” before you blow out the candles. Bull run mood in the middle part: Venus enters Capricorn from Tuesday, 23/1, and you live your relationships as if there is to “close” and “open” a new cycle, and go beyond what you cannot change. Mood in pump&dump with the Full Moon in Leo on Thursday 25/1 that puts a possible WhitePaper 3.0 of yours in lightning, just now that you are focusing on your personal evolution. Weekend with mood in pump of newness: there is a desire to “renew” your life, perhaps by making a transgression or simply being able to reshape the situations you experience.