Weekly horoscope about Aries


Mood swings at the start of the week: You may be impatient about some delays in work negotiations. After all, you’ve laid the groundwork to get the value or capital gain you want from your personal projects, and you’re looking forward to realizing them. Not only that, but even in your relationships of the heart you may have small problems, who knows, perhaps related to your sense of belonging to your partner or friends or nearest and dearest, which seems to be not very well understood. More on the bull run mood in the last part: the last quarter Moon in Aquarius on Friday 12/5 marks the end of an inner cycle that has seen you double over, and you feel inspired to make others dream as well with your new leadership choices. Spend the weekend as a HODLer observing changes in the marketplace: not everything is up to you, and you need to be able to quietly see how others behave as well.