Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Mood bull run on Monday: urge to perform healthy trading of ideas in the air! More mood volatility in the middle part: who knows, after all these conversations, you need mental silence to reframe the things you’ve said or heard others say, so you can remember, when you need it in the future, what’s really interesting and useful. In help on this comes the Full Moon in Scorpio in lunar eclipse and you perceive how you can bring out your talent and courage to best realize your innovative vision, the one you are meditating on at this time. Sort of like Elon Musk, of your sign, is trying to do with his TruthGPT, which has become the alternative to the famous ChatGPT, both of which are the result of using artificial intelligence. Weekend in a bullish mood: Venus enters Cancer from Sunday 7/5 and it’s time to blossom in love!