Weekly horoscope about Cancer


The week starts with a bullish mood: the New Moon in Pisces on Monday, 2/20 aligns the period of “exploration” on an inner level as well. And so, in addition to movement and travel, perhaps you also feel inspired to philosophize and find that “lesson” from personal growth that you need to learn, so to go beyond your limits and feel freer to discover new horizons. Volatile mood in the middle part: the new Venus in Aries from Monday, 20/2 puts you in check in relationships, especially work ones, and who knows, some negotiation may remain pending, blocking the evolution of your projects or career. Then again, you still have luck not exactly on your side, at least until May, so hang in there! Bullish mood weekend: lighter and inspired you feel like projecting yourself into new adventurous, or innovative, metaverses!