Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Mood volatility at the beginning of the week: who knows you are observing the dynamics related to the home&family and something doesn’t quite add up. Then again, you are now deepening your “preparation” stage and have market changes to notice and consider, in addition to your normal personal needs, especially if your nest is then at stake. More in a bullish mood in the middle part: you manage every “issue” by bringing out talent, with courage and passion. Not only that, in relationships it’s been a while that Venus has been supporting you in attracting the right harmonies, people, and relationships that best tune in to your vibe right now. Weekend more in a bullish mood: the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday 4/6 asks you to take care of yourself and organize your choices with logic and attention to detail, perhaps a few shorts to liquidate and make new longs might be the answer.