Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Volatile mood at the start of the week: matters of home&family or feelings distract you at work. Mars enters Aquarius from Tuesday 13/2 and puts you in action pump on your personal projects that smell of ‘capital gain’, the important thing is that you follow your ‘business instinct’. More in a bull run mood in the middle part: there is a desire to stand out and feel appreciated, this is what gives you the personal satisfaction you deserve most of all. Not only that, Venus also enters Aquarius from Friday 16/2 and in relationships you feel like treating yourself to a few luxuries and experiencing more of the material beauty of relationships. This Stellium in Aquarius highlights your theme of the moment, inviting you to easily assess which situations are fertile ground for the realisation of your desires. Weekend in a bullish mood: you want to enjoy your free time in relaxation and well-being.