Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


A bullish “travel” start to the week: you are animated, metabolizing the last meetings you’ve had! More volatile in the following days: something is changing in you and as a “mirror” you are also seeing it in the behaviour of the people you meet… and this makes you reflect! The central part sees a pump of freedom: Mercury in Virgo from Thursday 4/8 puts your mental sphere in “exploration” and your ideas and thoughts now travel looking for new horizons, with instinct of expansion, even Over-The-Counter (OTC)! Not only that, the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Friday 5/8 then, inspires you to be more unconventional, and brings out your originality! Relationships still in hard-fork with deep reflections attached. Weekend with Sunday in HODL-mode, observing what’s going on around you!