Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


To-the-moon mood at the beginning of the week: desire to “assert yourself” in everything you do, at work or on your well-deserved vacation, summarizing your ambitions and your roadmap of personal projects in full transformation! More in pump of concreteness in the central part: the new Venus in Leo from Thursday 11/8 puts you in the mood for “renewal” in your relationships and whether they be work or love, now you need to give new form to existing relationships, also to give space to new ones, who knows maybe more intriguing! Not only that, with the Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday 12/8, the “capital gains” that you want to achieve in the future go into lightning-mode… that’s why the period is propitious to set good longs! Bullish weekend of sharing and trading ideas: maybe you feel like communicating your intentions to observe the responses you get from your trusted nodes!