Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Mood volatility at the beginning of the week: maybe the mid-August bank holiday wasn’t one of your best days, maybe because of problems related to home or family that made you a little nervous! Keep calm and everything will pass! You are changing without even realizing it, setting new longs that are more stimulating and in line with your ambitions and, by now, what occurred other assets, has been shorted definitively. More in a bullish mood in the central part: you are well supported in the mental sphere with brilliant and concrete ideas that lift your morale and give you a perspective on your future step! Also in relationships you might want to permanently short some people who don’t reflect your standards! Weekend in a bull run of personal well-being: the new Mars in Gemini from Saturday 20/8 brings “logic” in the roadmap of your personal projects and now you feel like taking care of the details of your new ventures so you can be more organized.