Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Start of the week in a bullish mood, followed by a HODLer feeling in market observation: all the news experienced needs to be analyzed in full silence. Oh yes, the cycle is dedicated to understanding the feasibility of what you want to bet a long on, with the hope of capital gains in the near future! Jupiter in quadrature is not helping you much in terms of luck and expansion, but it’s all in passing, indeed the advice is to “wait”! To-the-moon mood at the end of the week: in relationships there is some more open-source communication, which heartens and builds your loyalty. Weekend in pump of concreteness: the new Sun in Pisces on Saturday 18/2 ushers in the new stage of “sharing,” and now what engages you is to best convey your most authentic message, though first you must process it within yourself!