Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Start the week in a bullish mood: you are well inspired to look to your future! In the middle part you are more in HODL in market observation: you are probably looking around to pick up on where your most ambitious plans can find ground. And in fact, with the Sun in Aquarius from Friday 20/1 you enter your month dedicated to “capital gain” and that is that period of planting your goals and how to achieve them. You need to understand on the fly the feasibility of what you want to accomplish, rationally and concretely, as only you know how. Even in relationships you are more “realistic” and see your partner and co-workers in a way that is more functional to your goals. To-the-moon mood in the final part and over the weekend the New Moon in Aquarius also arrives and you also inwardly feel the material “value” of your dreams.