Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Early week mood pump&dump: maybe some arguments or misunderstandings with colleagues or partners could make you nervous! In the middle part of the week, your mood is already on a bull run: you feel that you need to renew something in your routine, and this is the right moment to transform some situations. In your roadmap of personal projects, in fact, you prefer the “well-being” of yourself first and then of your companies, trying to be organized, precise and attentive to details. The final part is in a bullish mood: you continue to live your relationships in an “exploratory” way, immersing yourself in metaverses that give you unique experiences! The New Sun in Libra from Friday 23/9 inaugurates your “life status” month and you go into focus on what is the perfect structure to improve it, starting with work! Not only that, the New Moon in Libra on Sunday 25/9 inspires you to find solutions by looking within yourself first!