Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


To-The-Moon mood early in the week: excellent energy for establishing yourself at work, perhaps setting up new travels. Not only that, the new Venus in Virgo on Monday, 5/9 puts relationships in “exploration” mode, and so in addition to your personal project roadmap, you are geared to dive into new metaverses with partners or co-workers as well! More in a pump of concreteness in the middle part: you’ve been working on your personal balance for more than a year now, setting longs of value, that is, that will get you the capital gains you desire! Weekend in a bull run of chatter: the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday, 10/9 urges you to share, to execute trading of ideas with zero-fee transactions with nodes in your network, to take inspiration for journeys and metaverses you are delving into! More volatile Sunday: issues related to “home & family” make you quite nervous…keep calm!